www.Paragliders.com for information on learning to fly.   www.AdventureToyStore.com to see our retail site. 12665 Minuteman Drive Suite 1 Draper, UT 84020 • USA Here is a bit more about Cloud 9 Paragliding/Adventure Toy Store and some of what makes us the largest and most recognized flight school in North America. 1. Instructors: Cloud 9's biggest advantage is we have multiple instructors. We h…Read More

  2. The GoPro HERO 3: Not Just A Helmet Camera

    The GoPro HERO 3 goes *everywhere*. Skydiver? Paraglider? Hang glider? Rock climber? Mountain biker? Skateboarder? Unicycle enthusiast? No matter what your obsession, you need a helmet camera to seal your bragging rights. Whether your aim is to record your latest daredevil stunt for YouTube glory or simply to capture an enduring record of the amazing scenery you’re enjoying, the right helmet cam…Read More

  3. We Love Kites. Srsly.

    You probably know Cloud 9 for paragliding and speed flying -- but did you know that Cloud 9 Toys has been one of the largest "on ocean" stores for kite surfing gear for over a decade? We've also been THE center for snowkite-specific gear since the birth of the sport. Pretty impressive, huh? Cloud 9's owners, Mike Steen and and Steve Mayer, have been definitive athletes in kiting from the very begi…Read More

  4. Welcome to May! Or, Two Ways Not To Break Yourself This Spring

    The springtime sees more accidents than any other season -- generally, because pilots are rusty from a winter on the ground. If you've had a long season of sporadic flying (or none at all), there are plenty of factors you can address to put luck on your side. Prepare Yourself One of the reasons we see a long of spring-season accidents is that rusty pilots are so gung-ho to fly, they push it -- way…Read More

  5. The Top Six Misconceptions About Paragliding

    When you spend as much time in the sport of paragliding as we do, you hear a lot of nonsense. Today, we at Cloud 9 were inspired to set a few things straight. 1. Paragliding does not occur behind a boat in Jamaica. That's parasailing (and you would not believe how often we have to explain that). 2. You need wind to fly a paraglider -- lots and lots of wind. Strictly speaking, you don't need wind t…Read More

  6. Winter? Over. Water- and Traction-Kiting Season? On. Let Cloud 9 Toys Help You Prep.

    Let's face it -- this was pretty much the crappiest snow kiting season on record (at least for us, in Utah). Between the complete lack of coverage and the super-short season, we were entirely out of luck. Happily, the short winter means that the traction-and-water-kiting season is coming up quickly. (A couple of athletes have already started their water kiting season at Rush Lake, and we're alread…Read More

  7. Cloud 9 Speed Flying Demo Team rips it up at Snowbird at World Freeride Tour

    Check out Steve, Kevin and Steve at Snowbird Utah. The guys at the World Freeride Tour sent over this clip they put together. I think we were all on Ozone Bullets for this outing.http://www.paragliders.com/speed-flying/ozone-bullet-gt-wing-only.html We have to get special permits through the USHPA and get clearance from Snowbird to fly here so please know Snowbird is not "open" for speed flying. W…Read More

  8. New product just in: The Quo Vadis!

    Today we received the first shipment of the new Sup’Air reversible harness: the Quo Vadis. They look really nice!The designers have really done a great job; this harness has all the features you want and none that you don’t. If you’re looking for a full-featured, lightweight harness that comes complete with a seatboard, integrated reserve compartment (and is still comfortable!), you’ve jus…Read More

  9. A week of repairs…

    The repair shop is swamped with a fresh batch of repairs. It seems like everyone tried to: land in trees match their glider against a 4-wheeler melt a nice set of holes in their wing with a hot exhaust pipe …all in the same week. Yeah. It looks like our repair ninjas will be working around the clock to get those unlucky pilots back in the air.…Read More

  10. Epic Day for Cloud 9 Toys

    An epic day for Cloud 9 Toys. It started with 15 tandems this morning on the south side of the Point of the Mountain, and one of my customers decided to put on a cape and carry a snake with him during the flight. (?!) Today’s four students all were from out of town, and each of them got a short soaring session in (as well as 6 or 7 sled runs to the bottom). Back at the shop, we had a huge day. W…Read More