1. Weather Ground School Today

    We did a weather ground school today with our Cloud 9 Paragliding students, and when we walked outside we saw just about every kind of cloud you could think of: a cloud encyclopedia, right up overhead. Then, right on cue, mother nature dished up a nice gust front for us. We called Salt Lake International Airport, wind was 12 knots gusting to 42 knots! No flying tonight, boys and girls.…Read More

  2. Big Thanks to the folks at Living’s Homes!

    Big thanks to all the folks at Living’s Homes for coming out and flying with Cloud 9 today.They found us at www.paragliders.com yesterday and called to book introductory lessons for their staff over the phone. When they showed up, most of them had no idea what they had signed up for. Awesome! We can’t wait to see all your photos and get you all back for lesson 2.…Read More

  3. A Busy Day!

    Today was one of the first really busy days of the season. Cloud 9 flew 18 tandems this morning and had 8 students on the hill, so we had every single one of our instructors out teaching and flying. The weather even cooperated, which is always a good thing. I don’t think our shuttle truck stopped even once for more than a drop-off or pick-up. The weather seems to be holding, so we’re looking f…Read More

  4. We Saved a Life Today!

    We saved a life today! OK, we didn’t throw ourselves in front of a train to save a puppy, but close enough. This story used to play out as commonly as three or four times a year, but now this stuff only happens once in a while. It goes like this: We had a customer come in to the Cloud 9 Toys shop asking for a reserve parachute repack. (Remember, you are supposed to repack them at least once a ye…Read More