The Cloud 9 Paragliding School

Ask any of our hundreds of students: the Cloud 9 Paragliding School is utterly dedicated to creating the perfect learning experience for our students. Our staff of instructors is composed entirely of pilots who love teaching as much as they love the sport — and that’s saying something.

We are the nation’s largest paragliding school, and that distinction carries with it many benefits for our students: for example, Cloud 9 Paragliding is the only school in Utah to offer lessons 7 days a week, year-round. (Don’t worry about the cold: winter is an excellent time to learn to paraglide!) The expansive Cloud 9 Store is another benefit: we’re dealers for many brands of paragliders and accessories, so we’re able to offer the best prices possible to our students when they’re ready to pick up their own gear.

The Point of the Mountain: Our Training Grounds

Cloud 9 Paragliding has the privilege of teaching at the premier training site in the country: The Point of the Mountain Flight Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pilots come from around the world to experience the smooth air, predictable weather and consistent ridge-soaring conditions at the Point. In the mornings the wind normally blows from the South, so most lessons are taught on the South Side. In the afternoon, the winds normally switch to blow from the North, so we fly our PM sessions on the North Side. Both sites are stupendously convenient, with spacious parking lots, room for tent camping, food and fuel close-at-hand and drive-up access. (The latter is, as seasoned pilots will tell you, a huge bonus: no hiking the hill for each flight!) Due to the unique conditions at the Point of the Mountain Flight Park, flights of several hours are very common here.

What to Expect

The morning of each lesson we will meet at the Point of the Mountain to plan each day’s activities. Meeting times vary depending on the time of year. Morning lessons go from just after sunrise for  2-3 hours (or in the event that weather conditions shut us down).

It’s important for each student to:
  • Bring plenty of water and food
  • Wear long pants and ankle-supporting boots/shoes
  • Gloves and extra layers are nice to have on cooler days
  • Call ASAP in the event of lateness or cancellation (the shop cell number: 801-910-1109)

The Cloud 9 school teaches paragliding year-round. Training begins with basic ground school, then quickly moves to canopy control (kiting) skills. Soon we move down the mountain to the “bunny hill” and work on launching and landing techniques on a gentle slope. Many lessons end with an hour of review, theory, and simulator work at the shop located 5 miles from the training site. Once you have mastered these basic skills (usually by the second lesson), you’re ready to fly off the top of the hill and are on your way to mastering the art of flying with the birds.

Ready to Sign Up?

Of Course You Are!

A $165.00 deposit holds your spot. Upon receipt of your deposit, we’ll send you a training welcome email and info packet that covers additional knowledge you’ll need to begin. Cloud 9’s open scheduling system means that you can come out to learn as often as you like! Often, out-of-town clients stay close to the Point for 10 days to 2 weeks and are able to complete the entire basic certification program in one trip. Put a Deposit Down Today


Express Course $1445

Our Express course is geared towards out of towners or those who want to come everyday until they are complete.  We ask for 10 days at least, this gives us some extra time to account for weather.  If you come out and do not complete the course due to bad weather you can come back at not extra cost and finish up.  This course has a 16 day maximum, should you reach the max we will discuss with you the best course of action on a case by case basis. Sign Up Today Express

Novice Course $1745

Our Novice Package is great for locals who need to work around their own schedule.  You schedule the days you would like to come out and train.  We ask that you give us as much notice as possible when scheduling your days.  Again we try to accommodate you with this package.  This course has a 3 month maximum, should you reach the max we will discuss with you the best course of action on a case by case basis. Sign Up Today Novice

Pay As You Go

If you started somewhere else or have experience and feel the above courses are above and beyond what you’ll need, we offer a pay as you go program.  We will decide on your experience if this program suits you.  (P1 Pilots, Foreign rated pilots, etc) Inquire for details. The minimum requirement is 7 training days so previous training is a requirement.

Where to Stay

Cloud 9 students get a special rate when they book the local Ramada Inn Draper, Utah for their visit to Salt Lake City.  There are also great local pilots who host trainees or (Draper or Lehi).  Limited camping is also available on at the South Side Flight Park.