Ozone Mojo 4

The overall passive safety of the Mojo Series has remained uncompromised, even with an all-new 2012 design delivering the high-level performance gains of the Mojo 4. Whichever type of pilot you are, we are confident that the Mojo 4 will take you wherever you want to go, and further. Enjoy your time at cloudbase!

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  • photo by Olivier Laugero
  • photo by Olivier Laugero
  • photo by Olivier Laugero



The Ozone Mojo 4 from Ozone Paragliders on Vimeo.


About the Mojo 4

Ideal for new pilots (with an EN A Certification), the Mojo 4 is about total passive safety with top level performance in the category for XC flying.


The all-new Mojo 4 is an improvement over the Mojo 3 in every respect. It is lighter, easier to launch and fly, and more comfortable in the air. It also has benefitted from some free performance upgrades as a result of a lower drag line-plan and an even cleaner sail construction.


The Mojo 4’s central purpose is to provide the passive safety that pilots may rely on for their first stages of cross country flying. This new wing is balanced and safe enough for new graduates, but features the agility and performance needed for long XC flights in real conditions.


Two exciting new developments have made the new Mojo 4 an even better choice for new pilots. Firstly, a new top and bottom surface cloth which has proven to be durable and mechanically stable over years of testing, has reduced the total sail weight and enhanced the wing’s launch and flight characteristics. This new cloth has also proven to have excellent color retention and UV resistant properties, ensuring the long term value of your wing. Secondly, the Mojo 4 features new leading edge reinforcements inspired by the higher performance wings in Ozone's range.


The Mojo 4 has retained its massive brake travel and very comfortable feel. What pilots and instructors will notice most, compared to the Mojo 3, is the improved launch and comfort in active air due to a lighter sail and more efficient leading edge. Like its predecessor, the Mojo 4 inflates easily in no-wind conditions and has zero tendencies to overshoot in higher winds. Though precise, the brake travel is forgiving enough for a beginner to set up the slightly tighter landing patterns that XC flying introduces.


Thanks to a new line material, the Mojo 4 has benefited from an 8% reduction in drag. This significant performance increase has come with zero sacrifice in safety, and the overall passive safety remains uncompromised and solid enough for any new pilot or for pilots for whom passive safety is paramount.


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