Sup'Air Acro 3

The Sup'Air Acro 3: A top choice for acro pilots.  Most of the worlds best all choose the tried and true Acro 3.  Also a GREAT harness for "normal" pilots wanting a good safe, secure harness with foam back protection.  Of course you can use it with only one reserve and the other pocket will stay empty until and if you choose to carry a second reserve (consider a Ragallo down the road!). 

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  • Supair Acro 3 from USA
  • Supair Acro 3 side view


Sup'Air's Acro 3 has dual reserve pockets, reinforced stress points and seat board, a cozy 12 cm of foam back protection, large storage pockets, low attachment points and a foot stirrup. Those features add up to a great Acro harness. Weight is 12 lbs.

Comes complete with carabiners, bridal, manual and good times :)

Cloud 9 is the US importer for Sup'Air harnesses, so we're generally able to keep at least a couple of each size in stock. Even so, the vast combinations of size and color make it extremely difficult to stock one of everything. Luckily, our relationship with Sup'Air allows for uniquely quick delivery times. Please call the shop at 801-576-6460 to discuss a delivery date for your desired color and size. To take a look at the more specs, please visit Sup'Air's website for this harness at this link.



AcroACRO 3

  • - Acro.
  • - Upright seating posture.

  • Safety
  • - Two reserve parachute pockets: One dorsal with a left pull reserve handle, the other beneath the seat with a right pull reserve handle ( possibility to receive a steerable reserve parachute ).
  • - Bumpair 17 cm.
  • - 30 mm Self-locking stainless steel buckles.
  • - Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism.
  • - Self-locking steel 45 mm Biners.
  • - Quick-out carabiners compatibility.
  • - Anti Balance System.

  • Gear / comfort
  • - Speed-Bar pulleys.
  • - Reinforced backrest for greater comfort.
  • - Padded chest straps. 
  • - Long foot-rest.
  • - Smoke-flare Velcro connection.

  • Storage
  • - Rear storage pocket.
  • - Two handwarmer pockets.

  • Adjustments
  • - Shoulder straps adjustments. 
  • - Adjustable leg-straps length.
  • - Pitch adjustable seat-plate.
  • - Backrest side trim adjustment via dual alloy buckle system.

  • Materials
  • - Cordura 500D.

  • Certification
  • - EN 1651.

  • Made in Europe