Black Hawk MZ 313CC Paramotor

The Black Hawk MZ 313CC paramotor engine is the most powerful on the market -- perfect to power your Low Boy Quad and your tandems.

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The Black Hawk MZ 313CC Paramotor is a 31 horsepower machine with 160 to 200 lbs of static thrust. It's a great single-place engine (and it's also a very strong tandem engine with the larger, 48-inch prop). It's so strong and reliable that we recommend this engine for the Low Boy Quad.

This is a very easy engine to pull-start on the ground or in the air, so electric start is completely unnecessary and not recommended. Even so the engine has a pull-start or pull-with-electric-start option.

The complete Black Hawk MZ-34 paramotor, ready to fly, has a dry weight of 60lbs, a very pleasant low-baritone sound and low vibration. It's enormously dependable, looks great, and is simple to adjust and repair.

The engine arrives with and exhaust silencer and a tuned exhaust. This engine is recommended for pilots that weigh 175 lbs and up.



View the user's manual for this engine at this link.