Repair Order Form

Please print and fill out order form.  Include it with your shipment

We all get ourselves into trouble sometimes, so it’s nice to know every time you have a tear in your wing you don’t need a completely new wing. We offer repair or replacement for any part of your rig. We have hourly rates for harness and glider work.  If you don’t need a repair but want to know the condition and life left on your wing, an annual inspection is the way to go.  This will help keep you safe next time you’re in the air.  You can also have us inspect and repack your reserve parachute if you want that extra set of expert eyes to check it out and pack it for the fastest openings.

We also offer user-replaceable repair, such as replacement line in a variety of colors. If you’re in the field and can’t take advantage of our repair services, you can make temporary repairs with our rip-stop tape that can be cut to your needs. While we don’t recommend it for long-term repair, you can use it on field repairs.

Justin White (Glider Repair Guru)

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Repair Cost Break Down

Annual Inspection $175

If you are wondering how much life your glider has left and are in need of an inspection to see overall safety of your glider. We have the space and the tools to put your wing to the test.  Annuals include inspection of your gliders overall condition.  Attachment points, seams, internal and external condition, porosity test, wing clean out, line condition, line break test, riser trim tolerance, stitching, etc.  2 additional line replacements are included in the inspection.   Small pin holes and small tears will be patched with rip stop tape.  Anything bigger our techs will call you with options available at that point.

Glider Repair $65hr

Glider Material add $25 per meter.  We can fix just about anything.  Send us a photo and description of your damage if you want a rough quote, or just think about one hour per rip.  It’s usually not as bad as your might guess.  Average lead time is 10 days.

Harness Repair $75hr

Reserve Repack

Line Replacement OZONE or OTHER

  • Upper Line $15
  • Main Line $20
  • Brake Line $25

Standard Return Shipping 2018 –  When you ship your wing to us, use any shipper but you will pay 2-3 times as much if you use a shipping center.  Pack it your self (don’t use packing peanuts!) and print your forms and drop it off at shipping centers or USPS to save you a bundle.

Wing $30-50

Harness $20-30

Reserve $15-20