A Wing Built For Two

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do (similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight — and you can be in control). Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermaling technique.

Tandem flights are the sweet result of a simple recipe: a wing large enough to hold two people, an instructor and a passenger. Each person is seated comfortably in their own harness which are attached together, with the passenger in front and the pilot right behind.

Once this configuration is soaring, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and explain how to control the paraglider. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot may turn the controls over to the passenger and let them experience what it is like to fly an unpowered craft. Bring your camera, because this is an experience you won’t ever forget! Tandem flights usually last around 30 minutes.

We offer tandem flights 7 days a week year round both in the mornings and evenings. You’ll notice a price difference, and here’s why: evening tandems are held on the North Side of the Point of the Mountain Flight Park, which has a tendency to be a bit more extreme (with altitude gains of 2000 feet or more possible on some days.)


AM/PM Tandems at the Point of the Mountain $145 Flight

Video Packages available for all Tandems $25

Mountain Flight Tandems $300