The GoPro HERO 3 goes *everywhere*.
Skydiver? Paraglider? Hang glider? Rock climber? Mountain biker? Skateboarder? Unicycle enthusiast? No matter what your obsession, you need a helmet camera to seal your bragging rights.

Whether your aim is to record your latest daredevil stunt for YouTube glory or simply to capture an enduring record of the amazing scenery you’re enjoying, the right helmet camera can do it all. After all — a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story. Why settle for still shots from a standard camera when you could have an video that, as it unfolds, lets people experience the moment with you?

Once you’ve tried using one, the amazingly versatile helmet camera will be your sidekick for every adventure you undertake — and once you’ve tried a GoPro, no other helmet camera will do.

The term “helmet camera” itself is something of a misnomer for the GoPro, as it boasts a range of mounts that affix the camera to any sort of sports equipment imaginable. While these solidly built cameras can be mounted on any configuration of helmet, they also can be mounted to handlebars, a chest harness, a car, a dog…anything you can dream up. The GoPro’s extensive range of accessories — including an available waterproof case and surfboard mount — give the unparalleled versatility. You can truly take this camera anywhere.

As a handsfree recording method, the GoPro helmet camera offers you a way to record all your activities — especially the ones you do solo. Want to show your friends and family the reason you enjoy your sport so much? Hanging off the face of El Capitan and wishing that you could show people what you are seeing? Riding the wave of a lifetime and overwhelmed by the desire to capture the experience for posterity? Since it can go everywhere you can, your options are nearly endless.

The three versions of the GoPro HERO 3 — white, silver, and black — represent the exciting new horizon of the sports camera landscape. The HERO 3 is 30 percent smaller (and 25 percent lighter) than its predecessor. The resolution is up to 4x higher, and WiFi controls are included. The top-of-the-line of the three is the Black Edition, which is capable of capturing video at up to 4K res and has doubled frame rates at lower resolutions. The Silver Edition maxes out at 11MP stills and 1080p30 video, while the White Edition drops down to 5MP stills.

All three versions include WiFi. Unlike the previous versions, no BacPac is necessary for remote control (via the app). The Black edition includes a remote that can control up to 50 cameras at once, with a 600ft range.

For most sports, the long-lasting battery should handle all your recording needs; however, for long-distance activities (or if you’re utilizing the power-hungry Wifi feature), you’ll want to take along a spare battery just in case.

Verdict: There’s no better camera available for the active photographer.