You probably know Cloud 9 for paragliding and speed flying — but did you know that Cloud 9 Toys has been one of the largest “on ocean” stores for kite surfing gear for over a decade? We’ve also been THE center for snowkite-specific gear since the birth of the sport. Pretty impressive, huh?

Cloud 9’s owners, Mike Steen and and Steve Mayer, have been definitive athletes in kiting from the very beginning. It’s in their blood — both of them have kid brothers who’ve became professional kite surfers in Florida and Maui (thanks to some kick-ass older brothers, of course).

…so we know what we’re talking about when we say that kiting has considerably evolved in the last decade. Luckily, Cloud 9 has been around and involved long enough to know the details. We know what works (and what doesn’t work), what brands have good warrantees, what brands hold up to the abuse of a long season (and what brands suck), what brands present a good value and what brands (or specific kites) are best for your unique needs.

We ask the right questions.

• Do you want a quiver to share with your wife?
• Do you live in Kansas, or Maui?
• Where will you travel to kite?
• Are you a beginner with some kite experience, looking for next steps?
• Are you advanced, and want to know if you really can kite in 6 knots of wind? (By the way: you can. We can help with that.)
• What board do you really need to add to your already enormous pile of gear?

We’re also there to answer the pressing questions for which you need a straight, smart answer.

• What’s the best way to travel with your kite gear?
• What repair supplies should every kiter have?
• Are you ready to try that trick you saw last week on YouTube, or will it almost certainly kill you?

We are here to answer those (as well as many other) questions. It’s very hard to get all that info on a website, and we just plain think it’s best to have a chat with a real human that knows what’s up. If we can’t answer your question, we know who can and will get you the correct answer — one that we can stand behind.

Kites are expensive. We get that. That said, we can get you an unbeatable price on your kite gear. Really. Just drop us an email — or, better yet, call — and let us know what you’re after. We’ve put together some sample packages to give you some ideas, but we can do a better job taking care of you if you reach out to us. If you get a great price from your local shop, by all means support them! If it’s not, give us a chance to earn your business. We want you to be our customer for life.

(P.S. Our repair loft alone makes Cloud 9 shine. If you break anything you buy from us, we’ll fix it for 1/2 price on labor and give you priority on all repairs.)