We saved a life today! OK, we didn’t throw ourselves in front of a train to save a puppy, but close enough. This story used to play out as commonly as three or four times a year, but now this stuff only happens once in a while. It goes like this:
We had a customer come in to the Cloud 9 Toys shop asking for a reserve parachute repack. (Remember, you are supposed to repack them at least once a year.) One look at it revealed that he was flying with a SUPER OLD system. It looked totally suspect, so we asked him to toss it in the simulator and see what happened. Well? NOTHING happened. There was no possible way for that old reserve, last modified 20 years ago, to open.

It turns out that this guy had been flying strong thermal conditions for years with a totally inoperative reserve system, and no one had bothered to tell him. The happy ending? We sold him a crispy new 37 PDA from SOL.