Let’s face it — this was pretty much the crappiest snow kiting season on record (at least for us, in Utah). Between the complete lack of coverage and the super-short season, we were entirely out of luck.

Happily, the short winter means that the traction-and-water-kiting season is coming up quickly. (A couple of athletes have already started their water kiting season at Rush Lake, and we’re already looking forward to a muddy good time with our kite trikes.) That said, it’s important to make sure your gear is dialed in before spring gets going, so listen up:

Traction/Land Kiting
If you’re still hauling around a ragged-out old mess of a kite, now is exactly the right time to upgrade.

Ozone just re-upped their trainer kite line, so every category of land kiting enthusiast – from beginner through advanced – will find a kite that perfectly suits their level and style.

Here’s how Ozone’s kite line is looking for the coming season:

The IMP 2-Line Trainer has been discontinued. It’s being replaced by the IMP.
The IMP 3-line Trainer has been discontinued. It’s being replaced by the Ignition.
The IMP 4-Line Quattro has been discontinued. It’s being replaced by the Quattro.
The Flow has been discontinued. It’s being replaced by the Octane.
Cloud 9 stocks all of the above, and the broader range of kites offers something you can use to get hauled around on a mountain board or zip you along on a kite trike. (By the way – if you don’t have one already – have you thought about adding a trike to your arsenal? Check it out.)

Water Kiting

If you’re a Utah local, do yourself a favor and come check out the store’s huge selection of Dakine seat and waist harness. If you have problems with the fit of your current setup, we can help you find a harness that fits like a dream.

Cloud 9 can do amazing package deals on gear, especially if you’re able to come in to the shop to see the closeout selection we don’t post online.

Take Care of Necessary Repairs

Since the season isn’t in full swing yet, this is also the perfect time to come in to the Cloud 9 rigging loft to sort out your gear. Is it time to replace a couple of lines? Were you pretty sure that bladder had a slow leak at the end of last season? We can fix it.

In any case, make sure to get your gear in order before you start missing great days!

Get it on Video!

It’s going to be a great season, and you’re gonna go hard. Since that’s obviously the case, you’d better get a GoPro setup to faithfully document every balls-to-the-wall moment of it.

If you don’t already have a GoPro (or if you have one of the previous versions), check out the GoPro HD HERO II. Kiting (and speed flying, and paragliding) enthusiasts will be stoked that Cloud 9 carries line mounts, so you can position your GoPro camera in the best possible place for great footage.